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Flourish in Faith

This study and collection of compelling, inspiring sermons gives you practical know-how regarding how to mature in your daily walk with Jesus Christ, and I have sought to diligently transcribed my father’s study and sermons, which were painstakingly prepared, handwritten, and delivered with great care for his congregation. We are all moving toward eternity, and our lives should be a reflection of Christ as we remain on the way to him.

I have a limited number of signed copies available. Click the button below to contact me directly for details.

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Genealogy - Chrisman & Whisman

After years of research, interviews, and site visits, my father compiled an extensive genealogy of the Chrisman family of Knob Lick, Estill Co., Kentucky and the Whisman family of Beattyville, Lee Co., Kentucky. 

Contact me (click to contact below) if you would like a free pdf of this book; or for a hard copy, to cover printing, binding, and shipping costs, these 90 page books are priced at $10

To order, click the button below to contact me.

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Tao Chi - The Ascension of the Immortal Dragons (Fantasy Martial Arts TTRPG)

Originally published in 1997, this Fantasy Martial Arts TTRPG is available as a pdf through DriveThru RPG

Enter the Middle Kingdom - a country flowing with Chi, the vital essence os the Cosmos. Travel this adventurous land as you seek the Golden Elixir of Immortality. Only the most worthy Eternals will ascend to the Immortal Dragon. Do you have what it takes? Venture into the world of Tao Chi and find out!

Cover Image Temple of the Fire Serpents.JPG
Shipwrecked on Hailong Dao - Temple of the Fire Serpents

Shipwrecked on an uncharted island, an ancient evil is awakening.
Time is of the essence. Can it be stopped before it is too late?
Venture into the Temple of the Fire Serpents and find out!

A Tier 1 adventure ideal for your Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign; but also easily inserts as a one-off shipwreck adventure into your own campaign.

(Written pseudonymously)

Cover Image 20190718.JPG
College of Yodeling (5e Bard)

Bards of the College of Yodeling have honed their musical and life skills in the high mountains. In singing, they have learned to alternate pitch between chest voice and falsetto in rapid and repeated fashion to produce tones that can travel great distances – especially when magnified by the echoes of mountains. Yodeling Bards have learned to use their vocal tones to call their herds, to communicate between their loosely associated mountain villages, and to focus their magic. They feel at home in the mountains and have developed life skills in animal husbandry, agriculture, and survival in their native environments.

(Written pseudonymously)

Velya Cover.png
Velya - Vampires of the Water

Velya (acquatic vampires) were first introduced in the module X7 War Rafts of Kron (1984) – a module for D&D Expert. It also appeared in the Creature Catalogue for Basic D&D (1986) – as well as the 1993 update of the Catalogue. The Legacy of Blood module introduced the Swamp Velya in 1987. Now updated for 5e and featured in my upcoming DMs Guild adventure – Myndeloun’s Stone, this document presents a great addition to your Vampire-based or undead adventures – Velya: Vampires of the Water.


(Written pseudonymously)

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