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Flourish in Faith

This study and collection of compelling, inspiring sermons gives you practical know-how regarding how to mature in your daily walk with Jesus Christ, and I have sought to diligently transcribed my father’s study and sermons, which were painstakingly prepared, handwritten, and delivered with great care for his congregation. We are all moving toward eternity, and our lives should be a reflection of Christ as we remain on the way to him.

I have a limited number of signed copies available. Click the button below to contact me directly for details.

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Genealogy - Chrisman & Whisman

After years of research, interviews, and site visits, my father compiled an extensive genealogy of the Chrisman family of Knob Lick, Estill Co., Kentucky and the Whisman family of Beattyville, Lee Co., Kentucky. 

Contact me (click to contact below) if you would like a free pdf of this book; or for a hard copy, to cover printing, binding, and shipping costs, these 90 page books are priced at $10

To order, click the button below to contact me.

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